About Us
Plus Profits is an organization that was created to provide financial freedom for individuals that have the desire to create wealth by leveraging credit, eliminating debt, forex trade, stock trade, real estate investing, drop shipping, and many other resources.
Eliminate debt, real estate investing, drop shipping, credit, wealth, create wealth
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About Us

Before getting involved in this industry, I have always known/had the ideas of being financially free.


However, obtaining that milestone just seemed impossible. In this era, education is such an important role that if you do not have it you are just a tadpole in the ocean full of sharks. Plus Profits ( Or Wealthbuilders ) has shown me just how easy it can be. Everything in life has a challenge but with the right tools and teachings you can overcome anything. Indeed there are steps and a process to reach different heights, but the most important thing is unlocking your mind. The mind is the most powerful tool in your arsenal and once that is upgraded you become an unstoppable force.


Mind, Education, Drive, Vision and Effort….You have these 5 traits and you become the real you that you want to be!